Posture and Pain

Posture and Pain


Gravity takes a toll on our bodies every day, constantly straining our structure and slowly dragging our body into misalignment. This problem is usually not noticed (or perhaps is even considered to be normal) until some sports activity or physical labor aggravates the problem enough to cause persistent pain. The result is a trip to the doctor. Since muscle imbalances are the most common cause of misalignment, massage therapy is clearly the most effective form of treatment.

In this fast-paced four hour class, you will learn all about postural distortions from the serious (Scoliosis, Lordosis, Kyphosis) to the everyday distortions that cause subtle but lingering pain. You will learn about how and why massage therapy works to treat these conditions and how to educate physicians and patients about this as well.

A key part of this class will be learning to perform "body reading" an identification of postural misalignment in patients (or potential patients), with just a brief visual scan. The class will be broken up into small groups where participants, at their option, can be evaluated for misalignments themselves.

In this class students will:

  • Learn primary goals of medical massage including unconstrict muscle, be mindful of fascia and initiate diffusion;
  • Understand what connective tissue and fascia is and how dysfunction can lead to pain;
  • Discuss key dermatomes, learn about multiple types of pain;
  • Review anatomical planes and movements of the spine in relation to postural analysis;
  • Learn to view key points of the body, in various planes, from an anterior view, a posterior view and a lateral view;
  • Learn to differentiate between favored posture and deviations; ideal alignment and deviations and understand Upper and Lower Cross (Janda) Syndromes;
  • Leave the class with multiple “tools” to use in session analysis including SOAP notes, visual assessment, knowledge of biomechanics, palpatory skills, muscle and ROM testing, historical notes, etc.


This class is one of six classes that is required as core curriculum in our Medical Massage Practitioner Program. This class is part of our Masters Level Series. Discounted pricing is available when enrolling in a series of classes including the Posture / Upper Extremity Series.


Days and Times

This class typically takes place on a Saturday from 8am - 12noon.

This class is also offered at Las Vegas Success School, on Costa Rica Education Vacations and on various Seminars at Sea. Days and times may vary based on the event.


4 live, hands-on, continuing credit hours are offered towards national certification classes, Florida and Texas.




Please enroll early to ensure your place in class. Our class size limits are strictly enforced.

Denver, CO - July 9, 2022 This class is scheduled to take place on a Saturday from 8am-12noon. Location: Fairfield Inn & Suites Denver Airport, 6851 Tower Road, Denver, CO 80249, 303-576-9640.

Orlando, FL - August 10, 2022 This class is scheduled to take place on a Wednesday from 1:30pm-5:30pm. Seminar Location: Element Orlando, 8278 Universal Blvd., Orlando, FL 32819, #407-352-2225. Students are expected to bring massage tables and sheets at the time of class. A table rental fee may be charged to students unable to bring a massage table. 

Charlotte, NC -August 20, 2022 This class is scheduled to take place on a Saturday from 8am-12noon. Location: Wingate by Wyndham Charlotte Airport, 4238 Business Center Drive, Charlotte, NC 28214, #704-594-1550.

Fort Lauderdale, FL - August 20, 2022 This class is scheduled to take place on a Saturday from 8am-12noon. Location: Doubletree by Hilton, 100 Fariway Drive, Deerfield Beach, FL 33441, #954-427-7700.

Atlanta, GA -August 27, 2022 This class is scheduled to take place on a Saturday from 8am-12noon. Location: Holiday Inn Express, 4601 Best Road, College Park, GA 30337, #404-761-6500.

Nashville, TN - August 27, 2022 This class is scheduled to take place on a Saturday from 8am-12noon. Sorry, class closed. 

Seattle, WA - September 24, 2022 This class is scheduled to take place on a Saturday from 8am-12noon. Location: Hampton Inn & Suites Seattle Airport/28th Ave., 18850 28th Ave South, SeaTac, WA 98188, #206-244-5044.

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