Absolute Posture

Absolute Posture

Absolute Posture -
Functional Assessment of the Upper and Lower Extremities


Course Description

In this training course, the student will learn the basic functional assessment rules, principles and important accessory motion indicators that create postural misalignment to the upper and lower extremities. This course will focus on postural imbalances and their effects on soft tissue pathologies such as Frozen shoulder, rotator cuff strains, tendon vs ligament strain and sprain. Tennis elbow cervicalgia, thoracic outlet syndrome, shoulder impingement Soft tissue spinal pain patterns for lower cross syndromes Deep lateral and medial rotator strain/sprain and groin pulls Posterior/Anterior pelvic rotation and knee joint anomalies Plantar fasciitis and subtalar joint deviations Lower cross syndrome, hamstring and quadratus strain and sprains Upper cross syndrome, carpal tunnel, neuropathies and much, much more!


Students in this course will learn:

  • Students will learn indications and assessment protocols to the upper and lower extremities.
  • Students will be able to list at least 10 plus more contraindication assessment protocols to the extremities.
  • Students will learn, practice, and experience soft tissue histology recognition of the extremities including anterior and posterior thoracic muscle regions.
  • Students will learn, practice and experience how to assess the quality of accessory motion, both actively and passively for soft tissue joint pathologies that are indicated & contraindicated for manual therapy.
  • Students will learn, practice, and experience how to seek diminished mobility and stability coupled with ongoing strain and sprain patterning.
  • Students will learn, practice and experience visual and manual assessment protocols that help determine faulty relationships between muscle and joint body parts. As well, learn methods on how to address soft tissue imbalances that create structural anomalies.
  • Students will learn and practice visual assessment of the five basic musculoskeletal postural misalignments of the upper and lower cross syndrome patterns.
  • Students will learn and practice hands-on Functional assessment of upper and lower extremities for length and strength discretion that can help students determine and confirm the patterns of faulty body mechanics.
  • Students will learn, practice and experience reciprocal inhibition for medial and lateral rotator of the femur and hip. Also shoulder rotator cuff syndromes, elbow, carpal, fingers, knees, tarsals and ankle muscles for tendon and ligamental weaknesses or restrictions.
  • Students will learn, practice and experience how to evaluate extremity weak vs strong muscle actions.
  • Students will learn, practice and experience how to evaluate, create assessment documentation for corrective treatment strategies.
  • Students will learn how, why and what types of specialized providers to utilize for referral options so to train and help student/practitioner obtain compliant patient care confidence.
  • Student will learn how to provide, within scope of practice, hydrotherapy home care recommendations and self-help handouts.
  • Students will learn, practice and experience soft tissue histology recognition of the upper and lower extremities including the muscle attachment of neck, shoulders, thoracic muscles attached above and below the pelvic hip flexors and extensors.
  • Students will learn how to utilize neurological laws for determining nerve-related compression vs entrapment of upper and lower extremity peripheral nerve syndromes.
  • Students will summarize corrective treatment strategies for upper and lower extremities, as well, be able to evaluate A-symmetrical deviations of the upper and lower body including the femur, Knee and Ankle joint regions.


Hours and CE's

This course is taught in a single day, starting at 8 am. This course offers 12 massage therapy continuing education contact hours.





Florida therapists who take this class will receive an additional 12 hours in online home study hours including all of the Florida Required Classes for no extra charge! 

You will have all of the massage continuing education hours you need for your license renewal!


Please enroll early to ensure your place in class. This special class fills up quickly!


Additional classes will be added shortly.

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