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Entrepreneurial Track

Entrepreneurial Track

Don't Work Hard, Work SmartMany massage therapists have excellent technical skills. They know a variety of protocols that allow them to be able to help many clients. They love the work that they do, but find they are just not getting enough work to be able to earn a good living. Or worse yet, they are working their hands to the bone but are not making a fair wage in comparison to the quality of work that they are doing.


Our company was founded with the intention of helping massage therapists to build their businesses AND earn a good living while doing work that they love to doFollow your road to success. Let us help you to Work Smart and build a lucrative career in the field of massage therapy.


Massage therapists are supposed to earn a good living.

Let us show you that when you learn more, you earn more!



See what other students are saying about the WorkSmart seminars:


  • "Best class I ever attended! Very informative and fun." Trecia Walker, 10/4/14
  • "Energetic, fun and captivating! " Kristin Comley Drury, 10/4/14
  • "I had a blast!" Alissa Kuhis, 10/4/14
  • "Best class I've ever been to. My LMT friends are going to be sorry they didn't come." Cheryl Wilder, 10/4/14
  • "This was a great class! I had so much fund and the time flew!" Sherrie Gore, 10/11/14
  • "The absolute best workshop I've taken! Informative and fun." Susan Warren, 10/16/14
  • This was the best CE class I have ever taken!" Dolly Murray, 10/11/14
  • "Very engaging course. He kept the class involved during the entire time." Kathy Ogletree, 10/11/14
  • "Great class. Very informative, fun and encouraging. Loved  it!" Angela Newman, 10/11/14
  • "Thank you for an awesome, pain free and fun class!" Christina McClarty, 10/11/14
  • "Did an awesome job. Best CE class ever! Fun! Fun! Fun!" Name withheld, 10/11/14
  • "Very engaging. Had fun and learned a new concept and direction." Cathy Nail, 10/11/14
  • "Most fun I have had in a class in a long time. Very informative and motivating for me." Michael Picard, 10/14/14
  • "Wow, what an amazing workshop. Time flew by and it was very exciting to participate." Name withheld, 10/14/14
  • "Class was great! Very educational, entertaining and inspirational." Name withheld, 10/14/14
  • "Really, really fun! Much better than I expected!" Kennedy Creech, 10/16/14
  • "Awesome class. The first CE class that I have ever enjoyed. Kudos!" Name withheld, 10/14/14
  • "The best 12 hours EVER! Flew right by." Betsey Procha, 10/16/14
  • "One of the best courses I have ever experienced. Just great! Very fun and informative." Barbara Jean Briggs, 10/14/14
  • "The most enjoyable and educational class I have taken." Carter Briggs, 9/27/14
  • "Really outstanding in every way." Elizabeth Camacho, 9/20/14
  • "A most wonderful and lively class. I can't remember the last time I enjoyed a CE class as much as this one." Marion Uselding, 9/13/14
  • "Entertaining, Educational, Exciting, Energizing." Tim Keough, 9/13/14
  • "It was PERFECT!" Pricilla Prescott, 9/13/14





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