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Thai on the Table

Thai on the Table

What is Thai on the Table?


Many of our students love Traditional Thai massage or have heard about how effective it can be. However, not all therapists can perform a routine on a Thai mat on the floor and not all clients are able to get up and down from the floor to be able to receive this service. So this class is the best of both worlds. In this class, our students will learn how to perform Thai massage while the client is on the table. 


We take many of the concepts that you would apply in a Traditional Thai massage session and translate them into a massage that you can perform on the table. You will learn how to use your whole body to treat your client's whole body. You will use your hand, your feet, your arms, knees and legs to apply specific compressions and you learn how to safely move your client into a series of yoga-like stretches. Thai Massage can be varied to suit a wide range of physical needs and it often incorporates a form of physical therapy that will help to increase your client's range of motion and muscular strength. Thai Massage works with the client's potential for movement and strives to create a free flow of energy systems.  Traditionally, it can be more energizing and more rigorous than classic forms of massage, but at the same time, the treatment can be quite meditative and enjoyable to give as well as receive. Your clients will feel great and you will too!

This technique can be incorporated into your already existing massage routine or can be performed as a stand-alone service. It is not necessary for your client to disrobe to receive a Thai treatment which will eliminate a major objection to receiving massage. This is a perfect routine to provide at sporting events, gyms, trade shows and more. 

Thai for the Table course is a perfect complement to any practice and is extremely beneficial to athletes, the elderly and people who prefer to receive massage on a table. This is an ideal therapy for the massage therapist who, for whatever reason, wants to incorporate Thai massage into their sessions but prefers not to work on the floor. You will learn a Thai for the Table routine that you can also incorporate aspects of into your regular routine. You will love this modern version of traditional Thai Massage, which is performed on a massage table.


How many continuing education hours are offered for this class? 

A basic version of this course is offered for 8 CE credits as a part of our Las Vegas Success School programming. Typically this is offered at Las Vegas Success School on a Wednesday from 9am-5pm.

This is also offered as a part of our Florida Renewal Year special as a 12-hour hands-on course, starting at 8am.

Therapists from the State of Georgia: please check with your board to be sure that CE classes fall within the scope and practice of a massage therapist in the State of Georgia. 





Florida therapists who take this class will receive an additional 12 hours in online home study hours including all of the Florida Required Classes for no extra charge! 

You will have all of the massage continuing education hours you need for your license renewal!


Please enroll early to ensure your place in class.
These classes have been selling out quickly!

Las Vegas, NV -December 8, 2021 This class is scheduled to take place on a Wednesday from 9am-5pm. Seminar and Room Block Location: the LINQ Hotel & Experience, 3535 Las Vegas Blvd South, Las Vegas, NV 89109. Room block: A $12 per person, per day massage table fee has been included in the price of the tuition.

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