Fundamentals of Thai Massage

Fundamentals of Thai Massage

What is Traditional Thai Massage?


Traditional Thai Massage may be the most effective therapeutic bodywork that you will ever experience. It is a modern expression of a 2500+-year-old tradition of Oriental bodywork. Thai massage uses the whole body to treat the whole body. It is more energizing and can be more rigorous than classic forms of massage, but at the same time, the treatment can be quite meditative. The therapist will learn to use their hands, knees, legs and feet to move the client into a series of yoga-like stretches. Thai Massage can be varied to suit a wide range of physical needs and is often uses a form of physical therapy to help increase range of motion and muscular strength. Thai Massage works with the body's movement potential and energy system and is practiced dynamically on a comfortable mat on the floor, allowing for movements that are not as effective or even possible on today's massage table. 


What will you learn in Fundamentals of Thai Massage?

In this fun 12-hour introductory level class, you will learn a full body 50-60 minute Thai yoga massage routine that you can immediately put into practice. You will learn basic Thai massage protocols that will keep your clients coming back for more. You will learn about styles of Thai Yoga massage, various stances and techniques that can be mixed and matched to make a shorter or longer session. You will learn some of the fundamentals of why you are performing certain moves and how the client will be positively affected. You will learn how to use different parts of your body (including your hands, feet, arms, legs and knees) as tools to apply compression along energy lines. You will learn to do yoga-like stretches to assist in increasing your client's range of motion and flexibility. This is a routine that feels great to give and receive. 


If you want to increase your potential client base by thousands, it is simple. Learn a massage technique that does not involve your clients taking their clothes off, which is a common objection to receiving a massage. Thai massage is performed with the client fully-clothed which is an option that is an absolute must on your treatment menu. Otherwise, you are excluding literally thousands of people from your practice. This is the reason Thai Massage is included on the treatment menu of virtually every major spa in America. It is on yours?

Another plus is that you do not have to carry around a table. This super relaxing technique is performed on a mat or even on cushions on the floor. Your clients may even have mats available, eliminating the need for your to lug around your heavy massage table. 




NOTE: This service is taught on a mat on the floor. The therapist should expect to spend several hours on the floor during the course of the class. Please feel free to bring a cushioned exercise mat, knee pads, pillows or other props to make yourself more comfortable while learning this routine. If you are unable to get down onto the floor, accommodations can be made to provide aspects of this treatment on a table, however, this is not specifically a Thai on the Table class. If necessary, please be sure to bring your own massage table.


How many continuing education hours are offered for this class? 

This class is offered as a part of our Florida Renewal Year special as a 12-hour hands-on class that can be completed in a single day. The class starts at 8 am.

This class is also offered on our Seminars at Sea

We also offer a more intensive version of this class at Las Vegas Success School and at Pura Vida Spa

Therapists from the State of Georgia: please check with your board to be sure that CE classes fall within the scope and practice of a massage therapist in the State of Georgia. 





Florida therapists who take this class will receive an additional 12 hours in online home study hours including all of the Required Classes for no extra charge! 

You will have all of the massage continuing education hours you need for your next license renewal!


Please enroll early to ensure your place in class.
These classes have been selling out quickly!

Tampa, FL - June 22, 2024 This class is scheduled to take place on a Saturday from 8am-8:30pm. Please arrive 15-20 minutes early to complete an attendance check and set up your workspace. Course materials will be provided in a digital format a week to ten days before the class start date to the email address that you signed up for the class under. You will receive login credentials to a student portal where you can sign an electronic waiver, view or download your course manual, do an attendance check, submit your evaluation and download your Certificate of Completion. Please be prepared to log in to your student portal at the time of class. Please arrive early if you need assistance. Location: Hampton Inn and Suites Tampa Airport Avion Westshore, 5329 Avion Park Drive, Tampa, FL 33607, #813-287-8500. 

Miami, FL -June 29, 2024 This class is scheduled to take place on a Saturday from 8am-8:30pm. Sorry, class closed. 

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If you enroll in a class and for some reason you are unable to make it, don't worry, you are covered. If you cancel more than 30 days prior to the start of the class, you can get a refund of your tuition. If you cancel less than 30 days prior to the scheduled class, you will still receive a credit to take the same class at a later time. You can also take a different class at a different location. Please see our cancellation policy for more details. 



The spaces that are available in the Florida renewal year classes are limited. Should an enrollee wish to cancel a class, they may do so within 30 days prior to the start of the class and request a refund, minus a $75 administrative fee. If an enrollee wishes to cancel a class within the thirty days prior to the start date of the class, no refunds will be given, however, they will be provided a course credit to be used toward another course. Course credits will expire after 1 year from the time they are provided.


Course materials will be provided in a digital format approximately a week to ten days before the start date of the class. An email will be sent to the email address you enrolled in class under with login credentials to a student portal where the student will be able to sign an electronic waiver, view or download the manual, confirm class attendance, submit an evaluation form and download a Certificate of Completion. After class is over you will still have access to your course materials. Please have an internet-enabled device with you at the time of class. It's a super and convenient process.


Prerequisite: All of our classes are intended to serve as continuing education for massage therapists. All students must be licensed, certified, authorized, or otherwise credentialed to provide hands-on, manual therapy services in the state where they practice. All of our classes are approved by NCBTMB for CE hours. Most states accept NCBTMB hours. Some states may have different requirements or definitions of what is considered to be within the "Scope of Practice" for a massage therapist. If in doubt, please check with your state's Board of Massage. In some instances, advanced-level courses may have additional prerequisites that will be noted in the course description. 


All of our classes have minimum and maximum enrollments that can be accepted. If a class is getting close to being full, we may close online enrollment. If a class is closed online, you may still call us at #800-201-2247 to see if there are any additional spaces or to go on a waiting list. If you want to go, let us know!  On rare occasions, we do not meet the minimum number of enrollees or an unexpected situation occurs and we need to cancel or reschedule a class. Please confirm that your class will be going forward prior to making any non-refundable travel arrangements. 


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