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Success School

Success School


What is Success School? Several times a year, we package together many of our most popular programs along with a couple of specialty classes. We add a couple of special events, classes and networking opportunities geared to massage therapists and to give you an education vacation to look forward to!


Where does Success School take place? We offer Las Vegas Success School twice a year and now we have added an Orlando Success School to give you more choices for your massage education vacation.

This is our current Success School schedule:


Las Vegas Success School  June 20-24, 2022
Orlando Success School August 7-13, 2022
Save the date: Las Vegas Success School December 5-9, 2022


We're here for your success! See you at Success School!



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Las Vegas Success School - December 2022

Las Vegas Success School - December 5-9, 2022   What is Success School?   Las Vegas is super fun! Bright lights, big city. It's an easy ride from Harry Reid International (it used to be McCarren Airport - the name of the airport was changed) to the historic Flamingo Hotel..