Why LMT Success Group?

LMT Success Group is a veteran group of massage therapists committed to helping other massage therapists to achieve long term, prosperous careers in the field of massage therapy. We have been proudly providing continuing education classes for over 30 years.

Thousands of therapists have built lucrative careers based on our Medical Massage Practitioner Program as well as other allied classes such as Lymphatic Drainage, Lypossage and our WorkSmart Business series. We were one of the first companies to offer Seminars at Sea and other outstanding Education Vacation opportunities and we are among the most longstanding massage continuing education providers in the business.

As a massage therapist, you have probably seen one of our ads in an industry magazine or journal, received one of our mailers, seen us on social media and maybe you have even taken classes with us. Whether your practice is spa-based, you work with private clients or you are a medical massage practitioner, it is imperative to continue learning so you can incorporate new healing techniques into your practice. We are pleased to offer a variety of coursework that is interesting, pertinent and beneficial to you and your clients. 

We have helped tens of thousands of other massage therapists and we can help you too!




When and where do you want to take classes?


LMT Success Group offers classes in many states across the continental United States. When and where do you want to take classes?

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We also have some truly amazing opportunities to earn your massage therapy continuing education hours while you are on an Education Vacation of a lifetime. Join us on a Seminar at Sea or at a tropical resort in Costa Rica.


We are continually updating our schedule so if you do not currently see the classes you are interested in at a location near you, then please check back or let us know what classes you want to take and where and we will be happy to notify you when we come to your desired location.


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Do you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur?

Maria Ward 07/18/2016 0
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Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

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Seminars at Sea - Feb 2017

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This class was the best class in my entire 16 years of working in the field of massage therapy. The techniques are very well planned out, easy to understand, educators are wonderful and the patients just love it. They get off the table without pain. The Medical Massage Program is a class you must take!
- Diane Beamer, PhD
The information and protocol is exactly what I have been looking for. Not only does this class provide all the techniques I have wanted to be able to offer medical massage, it has educated me in the ways to set up the business side of my practice. It has given me the knowledge to work smarter, not harder.
- Rachel Tamagni
Genius! Best seminar I have ever attended and at a great price. My confidence level is much higher now because these techniques are explained in such a way that I can apply it simply and well.
- Claire King
(The Chair Massage and Massage Parties series) was the best class I ever attended! Very informative and fun!
- Trecia Walker
A most wonderful and lively class. I can't remember the last time I enjoyed a CE class as much as this one. (Chair Massage)
- Marion Uselding
I was stunned by the results that we saw and experienced. (Lypossage) was fun, intriguing and educational.
- Wendy Zeiler