Sports Massage

Sports Massage

Sports massage therpist

Do you love working with athletes and weekend warriors? Do you watch sports on tv think about a treatment plan that you would use for your favorite player? Do you dream of being a massage therapist at the Olympic games?  Then sports massage is definitely for you!


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Advanced Sports Massage

  Instructor, Lisa Agnews’s dynamic style and effective delivery of the course materials as well as the high quality, well-organized curriculum all but ensures you a rewarding experience that will allow you to successfully incorporate the newly learned techniques directly into your pra..


  This continuing education seminar is an Introduction to the Kinesio Taping Method (KTM), intended for healthcare and therapy providers to introduce practitioners to the usefulness of KTM in their practices. This class covers the five major physiological systems (skin, muscle, fascia,..

Massage Cupping

Most therapists use pressure created by their fingers, wrists and body weight. Massage cupping therapists use suction created by the cups to provide a negative pressure, allowing you to work MUCH, MUCH deeper with no client discomfort and NO STRAIN on your body. In this dynamic course you will lea..