CE Requirements by State

massage continuing education

The LMT Success Group is approved as a provider of massage therapy continuing education through the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB.) Our provider number is NCBTMB #450001-05.


Most states accept CE providers and classes credentialled through NCBTMB.


Not all states require massage therapists to be licensed to practice in their state. Some states have regulations that vary by county. Some states do not have any continuing education requirements at all. Massage therapists from states without continuing education requirements are still eligible to take these classes and will receive a Certificate of Completion as proof of their continuing education accomplishments. Some states are no longer accepting distance learning hours to count toward technique hours.


We are fully credentialled to provide all classes at the state that they are offered. If you are traveling out of state to take continuing education hours, please be sure that the classes are accepted by your state. Each state has different rules about which courses are acceptable and within the scope of practice of a massage therapist in that state. Each student is responsible for knowing the rules of their governing board. The links below have been compiled to help you to contact the licensing board for your state.


We have a New York endorsement through NCBTMB for most of the classes that we offer. 


We are also approved by CE Broker, Tracking #50-11423, for state boards including the Florida Board of Massage, Georgia Board of Massage, South Carolina Board of Massage and Tennessee Board of Massage. (Not all states utilize CE Broker.)


We are not currently approved by the State of Louisiana but will add credentials if there is sufficient demand.


Licensees in other healthcare fields, including but not limited to DC, DOM, RN, LPN, LVN, PT, PTA, and OT, are eligible to take these classes. The protocols must be in the scope of practice in the location where they practice to perform learned techniques on clients or patients. No classes or programs offered will supersede a state license. Continuing education hours are offered to massage therapists only but may be self-reported for other professions. Please check with your state board to see if these classes are acceptable for your license.




The following is for informational purposes. Links may change without our being notified. 





*These states did not have the required licensure of massage therapists as of the last update of this page.


If you happen to find a more direct link or if you are aware of a regulation that has changed in your particular state, we welcome your input