Craniosacral Therapy Series

Craniosacral Therapy Series

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Are you looking for an effective, established modality that is easy on your body? Craniosacral Therapy Level I will take you on a journey inside the skull, the spine and the Central Nervous System (no surgery required!) in an exploration of the Craniosacral System.

In Craniosacral I, you will learn how Craniosacral Therapy can assist even the most stubborn problems like migraines, headaches, TMJ, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia and more. You will be able to enter into a deeper relationship with your client's inner healing resources while releasing restrictions in the fascial system surrounding the Central Nervous System and learning to facilitate profound changes that can affect a broad range of systems throughout the body.

  • Students will learn about the history and development of Craniosacral Therapy.
  • In-depth anatomical and kinesiological information about the Craniosacral System will be presented in a multi-media format. Students will be able to define the components of the Craniosacral system.
  • Students will be able to answer why (or why not) in addition to where and how and how much.  
  • Students will be taken through palpation exercises to "re-calibrate" their touch, "lightening up" to allow successful palpation and manipulation of the components of the Craniosacral System.
  • Students will learn grounding techniques and become more able to cultivate a meditative approach to facilitate change.
  • Students will learn about the nature of fascia and its role in health and dysfunction.
  • Students will learn the principles behind diaphragm release techniques throughout the body and be able to apply suture and membrane release techniques to the cranial vault.
  • Students will learn how to evaluate the effects of treatment using the palpation of the Craniosacral Rhythm. 
  • Students will leave the class knowing an 11-step treatment protocol and feeling confident to start treating clients with this approach immediately, (Embodiment of the "Eleven Steps to Heaven") having learned to successfully palpate the Craniosacral Rhythm on the cranium and throughout the body.
  • Self-help for TMJ will be explained. 
  • Classes take a "hands-on" approach to learning, supported and guided by the students' questions and insights.
  • Students will receive an extremely detailed digital manual with color photos and specific instructions for continued practice. 


Craniosacral II builds on the knowledge and palpation skills acquired in Craniosacral Therapy Level I, Level II addresses the key to unlocking cranial vault dysfunctions that have not responded to the Eleven Steps to Heaven protocol. Additional instruction will be presented and hands-on learning and practice time will deepen your palpation and treatment skills. 

This course includes discussion and practical applications for difficulties encountered while applying the skills learned in Level I, providing you with the ideas and insights necessary to take your practice to the next level of effectiveness.

  • Students review the 11 Steps to Heaven protocol to fine-tune and assure the ability to perform this protocol. 
  • Students will learn about the anatomy and correction techniques for cranial and facial structures and will leave the class able to confidently integrate these additional cranial bone and membrane release techniques into their therapeutic protocol.
  • In-depth anatomical and kinesiological information about the Craniosacral System, specifically as it relates to the anatomy of the face and cranium, will be presented in a multi-media format.
  • Students will be able to understand the components of the hard palate and facial bone structures and be able to successfully palpate those structures and understand their mechanism for motion.
  • Students will understand the principles behind sutural release techniques and be able to successfully apply sutural release techniques throughout the hard palate and facial bones.
  • Students will understand how to evaluate the effects of treatment utilizing palpation of the Craniosacral Rhythm. 
  • Students will receive an extremely detailed digital manual with color photos and very specific instructions for continued practice. 


This class includes a significant amount of intra-oral work. This is within the scope of practice for a massage therapist in most states. Please always work within your own scope of practice in the state in which you practice. Students will be asked to wear surgical gloves when working with their partners. Students will be in close, face-to-face proximity during practice sessions. Mask-wearing of the therapist practicing the techniques is welcomed. 



This course is taught by elite instructor, Nicholas Night, PTA, CST, LMT, AMMP, AZ Lic # MT08447, FL Provider #50-13235, NCBTMB Provider #451430-10. 

Nick has specialized in Craniosacral Therapy since 1997, certifying through the Upledger Institute in 2000. Nick brings together the best approaches to Craniosacral work, distilling them down to the essence of "what works" when applied in settings ranging from skilled nursing facilities to marathon runner treatment stations.



This series offers 40 contact continuing credit hours through NCBTMB and in the State of Florida.

This course is also taught at Pura Vida Spa in Costa Rica as part of our Education Vacation Opportunities




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Las Vegas, NV - December 4-8, 2023 This class is scheduled to take place on a Monday through Friday from 8:30am-5:30pm. Seminar and Room Block Location: The LINQ Hotel, 3535 S. Las Vegas Blvd., Las Vegas, NV 89109. Room block web link:, Reservation Center #800-223-7277 - group code: SQLMD3. A $15 per person/per day fee, representing a shared massage table expense, has been included in the price of this tuition. If you are able to bring a table and wish to opt out of this fee, please do so on this page: prior to checking out. All course materials will be provided in a digital format. Please be prepared to log in to your student portal at the time of class. Credentials will be provided a week to ten days before class.

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