MMP - Success Stories Testimonials

MMP - Success Stories Testimonials

Over the years we have helped many massage therapists to succeed in their careers based on the education that they received in our Medical Massage Practitioner Program. We have been lucky enough to hear back from some of our therapists who shared their stories with us.  


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This video clip shows interviews with some of our Medical Massage Practitioner alumni, who returned to Las Vegas Success School in June of 2012 
in order to further their education by taking the Advanced Medical Massage Class.

  • Prior to the LMT Success Group Advanced Medical Massage Practitioner training, I didn't have the confidence to practice independently of a chiropractor. Now I have the skills to successfully create and process intakes, provide assessments and create a treatment plan that produces the results desired. (Misti Miller, 9/23)
  • Clients and friends have experienced a higher level of care for body healing. I gained more confidence in my practice and clients are networking for me after receiving a medical massage. (Charles Salinda, 9/23)
  • Utilizing the techniques that I learned while furthering my education through medical massage training, I have been better able to aid my clients in their health. (Rebekah Knox, 9/23)
  • I have been an MMP since 2021 and now I'm working at a medical massage clinic helping many veterans who suffer with pain and dysfunction. I am very happy that I took this course. (Yuko Lane, 12/22)
  • The LMT Success Group week-long course for Medical Massage in Las Vegas was fantastic! My practice has grown and I believe it is because of my training with LMT Success Group that has opened doors that I could have never imagined. I want to keep advancing my education through your courses. (Rose Diaz, 11/22)
  • I have been practicing massage since 2008 and have continued to practice and gain knowledge in Medical Massage. My practice grew once local PT's Ortho's and Chiropractor's knew they could count on my hands-on work. (Courtney Staton, 8/22)
  • Several of my clients have chronic pain caused by accidents and come regularly for pain relief. They have all told me that they could not make it without my work. Other clients will arrive in a hunched or even side-bending position because of some restriction. When they leave, they are either standing upright or at least standing more upright than when they arrived. I love helping people feel better and more healthy and the MMP classification has really helped me in doing that. (Tammy Burch, 5/22)
  • I have worked in a chiropractic office for 15 years. After completing this program in 2012, my skills and success greatly increased in treating people with injuries and chronic pain. (SarahLyn McConahay, 4/22)
  • Received my MMP and AMMP with TC & LMT Success Group in 2011. Life-changing course. It elevates you from the rest of the field!  (Annie Percival, 1/22)
  • I have a successful business because I am a medical massage practitioner. (Karen Payne-Hill, 4/21)
  • I have been a medical massage therapist for a number of years now and it has opened up a new area in referrals from doctors and attorneys. (Leona LaRochelle, 3/21)
  • This is the best class I ever took! I took it at the Las Vegas School and my practice has never been better! Thank you! I cannot wait to take the Advanced Medical Massage class. (Suzanne Greenough, 2/21)
  • I have wowed my pain clients with several new techniques I have implemented into my practice that I learned in this medical massage course. (Esther Ruggles, 2/21) 
  • I took my first MMP class in Vegas back in 2018 and didn't really take away what I had hoped to but I realized today that my business has boomed since then. Within 5 months I opened an office instead of being mobile alone. My income had doubled by the time I went back in 2019 for the manual lymphatic class. On 1/1/2020 I opened a 3 treatment room clinic with a classroom. I've hired 2 employees and interviewed 2 more this last week. I realized that the biggest thing I've taken away from LMT Success Group and their instructors is their passion. I asked myself "why not me?" So here I am going for what I wanted to do since I graduated from massage school in 1998. I encourage everyone to soak up the passion these amazing instructors have for healing and draw from their deep well of not only instruction but also wisdom. Thank you all of you. ~One year later I have 7 employees and have established a reputation as a medical massage clinic in my town. I am looking at opening another location by the end of the year. (Laura Adams, 2/21)
  • To have a client come in with a 10/10 pain level and after just a few treatments, they are pain-free. I am so blessed to have the skills to help clients get out of pain from all of my training in Medical Massage and continue to learn from others in the medical field. (Alicia Roberts, LMT, MMP, 6/20)
  • After the course, I was able to treat clients more effectively and produce results quicker! (Aaron Gutierrez, LMT, 6/20)
  • I completed the MMP course in June 2014. It has been the BEST educational & business decision I have made for my career!  (Diane Steffee-Heeney, 5/20)
  • I have been implementing the certified medical massage techniques in everyday clinical practice at the lead primary medical practice in my local community. I receive regular referrals from numerous doctors, nurse practitioners, physical therapists and chiropractors. I am proud to say that physicians, family members and the clients themselves continue to report positive results and feedback in regards to discontinued usage and/or need for pharmaceutical pain management medications since beginning medical massage treatment. I cannot thank the instructor, Maria Chah enough for her brilliance as well as the other fantastic LMT Success Group instructors. (Kerrie Szabo, LMT, 1/20)
  • I have been working with a client who has had pain in the deltoid muscle with arm abduction. He had been seeing another therapist for a while and was not getting long term results. I have been working on him for about a month now and he has noticed that he has more range of motion now than when we started. I have also been working with a client with a limited range of motion in her neck and I have been seeing her once a week and she has also gotten a greater range of motion and less pain and stiffness for longer periods of time between sessions. (Veronica Vojacek, LMT, MMP, 1/20)
  • I attended June 2019 Las Vegas Success School. This program was absolutely amazing. The instructors were prepared and extremely helpful. They were extremely accommodating in hands-on which means a lot to me especially because I am visually impaired. Looking forward to returning in the fall. (Racquel Bragg, 6/19)
  • I have worked with frozen shoulder and gotten about 70% of the range of motion back. I am a new MMT but I am excited to work with people that I can really help make a difference in their life and I'm excited to use the skills that I have learned.  (Emily McCallum, 6/28/19)
  • The MMP program taught me how to become more comfortable with my profession. Before the week-long class in Las Vegas, NV, I felt limited in what I could do to help my clients. After the class, I felt professionally qualified to heal my clients medically. I can hardly wait to go to the next level class. (Lorelei Baxter, 6/28/19)
  • I enjoy the fact that I can assist with pain management without having to give hour-long massages to see results! (Tara Reitz, 4/30/19)
  • "It's a miracle! The pain is gone!" I hear this comment regularly after I've treated a client for, for example, neck pain or back pain. (Ini Beckman, 4/29/19)
  • Have had multiple success using the medical massage school's techniques. Has increased my massage business over and over again. Lots of repeat massage business and referrals! (Mary Kay Heberling, 3/18/19)
  • Best class I've taken to date. I'm getting results in 1 to 3 treatments. Highly recommend this class! (Anne Mulhern, 1/28/19)
  • Since I have taken the MMP classes I have more referrals. I had a client who could not move his upper back and neck to get 85% better in only four sessions. (Gloria Denam, 1/1/19)
  • TC taught me so much! I've allieved multiple clients of their pain. Headaches/migraines, rotator cuff issues, Charlie horse issues, hip pain, IT band issues. It's a miracle! (Ellen Rollman, 12/13/18)
  • What a great experience. I am so happy that I made the choice to attend the MMP training in Vegas. As a newly licensed therapist, the training helped me solidify my decision to become an orthopedic/medical focused professional. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, it was life-changing for me. Stephanie Sloan, 12/7/18
  • When you perform a Medical Massage on clients who've never had the work done before, it gives them a peace of mind that there's more to deep tissue and pain management. And being certified allows the clients to trust you more. One of the best investments in my massage profession. I will continue to take classes with LMT Success Group! Mavies Gascon, 10/27/18
  • When I made the decision to contact LMT Success Group to complete the MMP Certification, it allowed me to work with a whole other perspective of training. I am extremely confident in treating my current patients as well as personal clients with continued growth. Robin M. Valentino, 7/18
  • Great success helping clients find their strong tall posture, release long-held restrictive body habits and trauma. Carol Crystal, 5/18
  • LMT Success Group is awesome! Very informative instructors and well put together program! Auzuree Johnson, 5/2018
  • I have been practicing medical massage for the past 25 years. Now I am a licensed acupuncturist who still utilizes medical massage techniques with my acupuncture practice. An amazing complimentary combination! I am so glad and honored to practice and teach medical massage. It has made me a respectable practitioner in my community and highly effective in my practice. Maria Chah, 4/2018
  • Medical Massage has really changed the way I practice massage. My clients get better, longer lasting results, which means they're spending less time in pain. Nicole Perez, 4/18
  • This was the best training I have had for my clients. They are thanking LMT Success Group. Angela Cash, Springfield, MO, 1/18
  • This has totally transformed my work. Clients love it!  Cathy Williams, Gainesville, FL, 1/18
  • I have used orthopedic massage techniques to help many of my clients have reduced pain, increased the performance of daily activities and a better quality of life! I love what I do and am grateful to have advanced skills to help as many people as I can. Shannon Nettles, Ann Arbor, MI, 1/18
  • Medical Massage has improved not only my skills as a Massage Therapist but has greatly improved the results I see with my patients. They are improving and getting better faster than before and some have even expressed the big difference between the results with Medical Massage working quicker than their physical therapy sessions. Jennifer  Asay, Cedar City, UT, 1/18
  • This is the best program! Knowledgeable, applicable, affordable and fun! Sign up for this class today! Merly Ora-a, Lahaina, Hawaii, 12/17
  • I have had multiple successful treatments of frozen shoulder, sciatica and psoas issues. Dawn Papp, Cape Coral, FL, 12/17
  • Wow. After I have taken my Medical Massage Practitioner classes, I have noticed that my clients get immediate results. I feel competent in my abilities now. I want everyone to leave me feeling better and doing well. This is completely outcome-based massage. Since utilizing my medical massage protocol, many clients have reported instant pain relief. I also volunteer my time at my local Children's Hospital providing my services to the patients and their parents.Amonise Creed, Miami, FL, 12/17
  • I'm already beginning to use some of the manual therapy techniques on my clients and some of them have started dancing! Cora Dixon, Dallas, TX, 10/17
  • I'm getting so much more results with my new techniques learned including cupping and pointer plus deployment! Alexandra Myers, Portland, OR, 10/17
  • I'm so happy to be able to help so many people with their aches and pain. They keep referring their friends and family, and they have also expressed their gratitude via Yelp. Maggie Morejon, Bird of Paradise Spa, Bethesda, MD, 8/17
  • I have has much success after taking the first part of the MMP program last year and loved it so much I went again to the second level this year to master more techniques for my clients. Thank you Shamaya (instructor).  Dora Avila, Farmington, Ct, 8/17
  • One of the best classes I've taken. Has really changed how I look at people and how to help them get better! William Passman, Ponchatoula, LA, 8/17.
  • I feel like I'm no longer blindly massaging and I think clinically during sessions thanks to LMT Success Group ... Thank you :>)  Miranda Trevino, Humble, TX, 7/17
  • I decided to progress my career with LMT Success Group and became an MMP and registered for my NPI which has greatly assisted me in growing in my field. With all of the knowledge and continuing education that I received from an extremely experienced staff, it has brought me great opportunities to continue learning and strengthening in my field!  Robin Valentino, Miami, FL, 7/17
  • Successes every day! Amazing results! Thank you LMT Success Group!  Kelly D. Kellogg, Kansas City, MO, 7/17
  • I started using the techniques I learned and had instant results. I will definitely recommend this course. Tiffiny Cash, Arlington, TX, 7/17.
  • I have 15 years of experience, MMP since 2011, and a thriving practice in downtown St. Petersburg, FL. The MMP program is a great place to start on your professional track and will give you the confidence you need to succeed. Kelley Henry, St. Petersburg, FL, 6/17.
  • 2015 Graduate of the Medical Massage Practitioner Certification Course in Las Vegas. Later that year in October, I went on a cruise and took the Advanced Medical Massage Course. This took my education as a massage therapist to a BETTER level so that I may treat my patient's health to the maximum. Lyla Keeler, Woodland Park, CO. 6/17
  • Working through a Physical Therapy clinic and a holistic wellness center gives me the best of both worlds in approaching rehabilitation with a mind-body connection. Lauren Hartlett, Milford CT 5/17.
  • I have clients who went to physical therapy, chiropractors, acupuncture, etc and didn't get results from their chronic pain - pain that has gone on for 10 years in some cases. they allowed me to use the protocols I have learned and the results for being pain-free have been instant for many. The success rate is phenomenal. It is a preference for me to do the clinical approach. This therapy taps into where problems are. It is precise. Carol Stone, Cypress, TX, 4/17.  
  • My patients experience a significant decrease in low back pain, shoulder pain and knee pain. Dana Kuns, Las Vegas, NV, 12/16.
  • I took the medical massage practitioner course to gain the skills and knowledge on how to treat my patients. When I graduated from Massage School, I knew my purpose was more medical and therapeutic treatments for my future clients. Going through the MMP courses drastically increased my worth as a Massage Therapist to where I am no longer bound to just doing relaxation type of massages, but being able to perform on individuals that are seeking natural healing. After working for a year, I was able to establish a small business, Body Kinetics Therapy, locally in Las Vegas NV. Our focus is mainly to help clients regain a pain-free lifestyle and use many different therapeutic modalities to give treatments. Arthur Chao, Las Vegas, NV (5/11/16)
  • (Follow up comment) This is a non solicited feedback. I graduated as a massage therapist in 2006, right after that I went for the Medical Massage Practitioner Certification.... wow, WHAT A GREAT STEP I MADE!!! I can tell you, it has been one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had in my whole professional life, so much knowledge, so many rewarding moments with patients and clients... Once again thanks LMT for doing this great job. Idael Perez, Miami, FL
  • This information and protocol is exactly what I have been looking for. Not only does this class provide all the techniques I have wanted to be able to offer medical massage, it has educated me in the ways to set up the business side of my practice. I easily attained my NPI number and feel like I am ready to hit the ground running toward networking with doctors and other medical professionals. Outstanding! It has given me the knowledge to work smarter, not harder. Rachel Tamagni, Paso Robles, CA
  • This class was the best class in my entire 16 years of working in the field of massage therapy, the techniques are very well planned out, easy to understand (educators are wonderful) and the patients just love it, they get off the massage table without pain. Thank you LMT Success Group. A class you must take! Diane J. Beamer, PhD, Hoffman Estates, IL (3/28/12)
  • I have seen a significant increase in clientele since I have received my Medical Massage Practitioner certification. I now network with orthopedic doctors, also chiropractors and physical therapists. The benefits have been exceptional, with amazing health improvements in my clients and additional referrals from these healthcare professionals. Carolyn Taylor, San Antonio, TX (11/30/11)
  • Being a massage therapist has been a unique experience in my life, however, the best and most challenging days in my profession have been after I became a Medical Massage Practitioner. I never stop learning, I never stop helping people around me. This is a never-ending learning experience. Thanks, LMT Success Group. Idael Perez, Miami, FL (5/2/11)
  • This MMP Certification is wonderful. I am amazed at the referrals received this past year from orthopedic and work comp physicians, chiropractors and physical therapists.   Steve Matthews, RMT, MMP, Colorado, 2011
  • I am getting so many good results with the techniques from "The Day of the Neck" and "The Day of the Back."  It really works! The clients/patients are very elated to get some relief before they get off the table and it doesn't take a long time.  I am so grateful to you guys for offering something that we as LMT's can use and get the results the client/patient needs to get instant results.  I gleaned so much from the workshop. I use it every day.  Shirley from Baton Rouge  (4/7/10)
  • I can't say enough about the information I learned and it has made a BIG difference in my business since being certified as an MMP.  I was even recruited to move my business to the local athletic club after word got out about my Medical Massage work.  Chris from Spokane, WA  (1/22/10)
  • I am using the techniques I learned in the Medical Massage Practitioner Certification class on virtually all our patients and clients.  The results are astonishing.  Thank you for presenting this class.  Richard Willis (1/5/10)
  • Thank you so much for relieving the pain I've had in my lower back for three years! After having been to multiple therapists using various techniques this has been the only one that has worked. The techniques were presented in a simple and easy to replicate manner. I am leaving this course knowing that I will be able to give my patients the same relief that I have received.  Susan Fasold, FL
  • Genius! Best seminar I have ever attended and at a great price. My confidence level is much higher now because these techniques are explained in such a way that I can apply it simply and well. Claire King, San Mateo, CA
  • I learned more practical, functional techniques for addressing upper and lower extremity issues in the Masters Level classes than I did in 18 months of school. Mary Willis, Cincinnati, OH
  • In any seminar, the amount of material presented is so vast it can jam your brain ... sometimes coming out not really sure if you understood any of it!!! But in each of these classes, we were given hard copies of EVERYTHING in detail so we could follow step by step the medical massage protocol. Insurance billing and the steps to start are so easy to follow they are almost "goof proof" which, in my case was very reassuring as the idea has always mortified me. In seven years of practice and through countless modalities I've learned, this certificate has given me clout and leverage above and beyond my expectations. I believe that Medical Massage will be in high demand in the future and I feel fully prepared to tackle any of it.   Lina Mantovani, RMT, MMP, Austin, TX
  • Even though I know a great deal about medical massage, I learned much, much more. This is a terrific Medical Massage protocol. I had never experienced it or seen it until now.   Gail Clark, Ville Platte, LA