Are You on The List?

Are You on The List?

Are You a Medical Massage Practitioner? Are you on "The List"?


Request for Listing as a Medical Massage Practitioner

Submit Request for MMP ListingThroughout the years, we have gotten many requests for referrals to well qualified massage therapists from people all over the country seeking a great therapist. We also a large list of therapists who are happy to receive referrals, but it is our policy not to share contact information without your consent. Therefore we have put together a Medical Massage Practitioner Listing to help bring together prospective clients and employers with highly skilled massage therapists.


We are continually updating our Medical Massage Practitioner Referral List. This is a complimentary listing for qualified massage therapists only. This listing is not automatic and must be requested by following the link below. In order to be included on this list, you must meet the following criteria:

  • You have completed LMT Success Group's entire Medical Massage Practitioner Program.

  • You are licensed, certified or otherwise authorized to perform massage in the state in which you practice.

  • You have confidence in your skill level to be able to treat a wide variety of clients.

Once we receive your request, your alumni status will be confirmed and we will list you on our site at our next update. Updates take place approximately once a month. It is the reponsibility of the therapist to maintain an acurate listing. .