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Massage Therapists Guide to the Autumnal Equinox

Is important to follow the seasons of our lives and always be aware of planting seeds that may lie dormant for months so that we will be able to have abundance in our futures.  Grow that crop of clients that will respect you and admire you and honor your talents. Eradicate the weeds of self-doubt by continuous development of your skills. Grow the career that will allow you the freedom and flexibility to enjoy your life by fertilizing it with educational opportunities and experiences that will help you to grow in your life’s calling.


What is Pura Vida like?

Adventure Learning at Pura Vida in Costa Rica Perched up on a hillside, the spa looks over the bustling city of San Jose, yet the resort itself is peaceful and quiet, the very definition of “serene.” The resort itself is gorgeous, with beautiful flowers, fountains and hammocks scattered around the …