Massage Therapists Guide to the Autumnal Equinox

Image from NASA

The Autumnal Equinox occurs in the northern hemisphere on or around September 22nd or 23rd each year and marks the end of summer and the beginning of fall. The Autumnal Equinox (fall) and the Vernal Equinox (spring) are the two days of the year when the sun is exactly above the equator and the day and night are (approximately – depending on where you live) of equal length.

In ancient times, this was considered a time to give thanks for the summer months and a time start to reap the harvest planted in preparation for the winter.  In our culture today, we still feel a pull towards a more introspective reflexion on the seasons of our lives.

Heart handsStart a Gratitude Practice
Gratitude has been shown to boost your mood, improve your sleep and even support immune health. Bring this practice of loving-kindness (Thai practitioners will know this as Metta) into your massage practice. You might be surprised to find that doing nothing different in a typical session than sending an intention of gratitude and kindness to your client will garner noticeable results.

Time for Harvest
This is a perfect time of year to reflect on what you have achieved in the past several months. How have you used your creativity and passion? What is a habit or pattern you want to let go of this season? How have you honored and cared for yourself? (Have you been receiving regular massages?) What people have contributed to your harvest and how can you appreciate them? How can you share your harvest with others? What skill have you learned that is lying dormant waiting for you to use?

Plant Something
Literally, plant seeds or a plant to be brought into your home or massage room and mindfully cared for every day. You can also plant proverbial “seeds” that can incubate in your psyche until spring. How can you bring balance and support into your life and your practice to help your seeds to thrive? What do you want your massage practice to look like? How can you better serve your clients?

Admire Nature
Breathe. Find ways to be outside. Offer your services at the outdoor festivals or sporting events that pop up this time of year.  Consider working or taking an education vacation to an awe-inspiring location. Many massage therapists rarely see the light of day because they are stuck in treatment rooms. Can you schedule a breath break for yourself? Maybe it is time to consider incorporating sports massage at events or an aquatic bodywork treatment onto your menu of services.

Is important to follow the seasons of our lives and always be aware of planting seeds that may lie dormant for months so that we will be able to have abundance in our futures.  Grow that crop of clients that will respect you and admire you and honor your talents. Eradicate the weeds of self-doubt by continuous development of your skills. Grow the career that will allow you the freedom and flexibility to enjoy your life by fertilizing it with educational opportunities and experiences that will help you to grow in your life’s calling.

Enjoy the fall.