ARE YOU RENEWAL READY? This is what you need to know for license renewal:

  • For the upcoming renewal period, massage licenses expire at midnight EST on Saturday, August 31, 2019.

  • The State of Florida has already mailed License Renewal Notifications to licensed therapists.

  • If you have not received a notification, you should contact the State of Florida, Department of Medical Quality Assurance at #850-488-0595 (We can’t help you with this notification, you must contact the state.)

  • Before starting the license renewal process, first make sure that you have completed your continuing education hours and that they have been reported to Florida CE Broker.  

    • If you have taken classes with us, we report you to CE Broker. You don’t have to do that yourself. In fact, all approved CE providers in the State of Florida are required to report your hours. 

    • You do not have to pay for a CE Broker account. If you have questions about their services, scroll down to the bottom of the CE Broker page and select “live chat” or give them a call at #877-434-6323. (Be aware that they are going to be getting busy so please don’t wait until the last minute.)

  • You must complete the following continuing education requirements to renew your license:

    • Massage therapists must complete (at least) 24 continuing education hours.

    • 12 of those hours must be live, hands-on hours focused on massage therapy techniques.

    • An additional 12 can be taken either in a live classroom setting or by home study including online home study.

    • The State of Florida requires 2 hours in Medical Errors, 2 hours in Florida Law and 2 hours in Ethics.

    • The additional 6 hours are general hours and can include additional technique hours or subject matter such as risk management, charting, insurance billing, communications, research, etc.

  • Once you have completed your continuing education requirements, you must still renew your license with the state by following the directions provided in the License Renewal Notification that they mailed you. The fee to renew an active, non-delinquent license is $105.

    • FYI – There has been a discussion about raising this rate, however, as of this renewal, the licensing fee remains the same.

    • If you have any problems with the renewal process using a mobile device, please try using a PC instead. 

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