Make More $$$ as a Massage Therapist

You can have a very lucrative career as a massage therapist. You can also find yourself working quite hard and not having much to show for it.  What kind of massage therapist do you want to be?


Make More $$ as Massage Therapist

Many massage therapists have booked schedules and earn very good livings by being problem solvers.

What is your niche to fill? What chronic problems do your clients have that need to be solved? What pain does your target client have that you can to resolve? What can you do to really make someone’s life better.

Yes, of course, providing massage therapy services is stress relieving and has a list of benefits, but what holds you out from every other massage therapist out there? Are you services solving a need or a want?

When you can figure out where your skill fills a NEED in your desired market, then you can learn the skills to make yourself exceptional at what you do. That may mean additional self-study in your off time. It could mean learning from teachers who have success in similar fields and finding mentors to work with you on an area that you are weak with. You may need to practice your skills on a number of patients and chart your results to really be able to build confidence.

Once you start achieving great results with your current clients, you should ask them for well written testimonials. For example:

(Your name) gives a great massage. I receive massage regularly and I love it!


is fine but not nearly as good as:

I treated with (your name) due to a chronic low back problem that I have been suffering from for many years. After a 4-week course of treatment and occasional follow up care, I have not missed any work and I have been able to go back to playing tennis.

You must be able to show some sort of proof that you can solve someone’s problem and they will be willing to purchase a package of your services. Of course, you must be able to provide what you promise.

There are many outcome based practices that you can excel at. It is as easy as deciding niche you want to fill and doing it!