What is Pura Vida like?


Adventure Learning at Pura Vida in Costa Rica

holding a butterfly in your handPerched up on a hillside, the spa looks over the bustling city of San Jose, yet the resort itself is peaceful and quiet, the very definition of “serene.” The resort itself is gorgeous, with beautiful flowers, fountains and hammocks scattered around the 12-acre property. Dozens of hummingbirds and exotic butterflies you’ve never seen before are constantly flitting around the fruit tress and flowers on the property. I cannot think of a more perfect place to teach or learn massage therapy techniques than here.

This spectacular environment, coupled with the extraordinary teachers we have assembled, will make this week one of the most memorable experiences in your life. Costa Rica is one of the few countries that remain completely unspoiled. Development outside the major cities is rare. On your excursions you will be treated to a country that is safe and friendly with jaw dropping scenery and exciting eco-adventure opportunities.

zipgroupWe have wrapped our class activities around the excursion opportunities, so the week will be filled with education, adventure and fun! The excursions (available for a modest fee) are the adventures of a lifetime. You can take tours of spectacular waterfalls, tour butterfly farms, go to volcanoes, visit beautiful beaches or go white water river rafting. You can even go “flying” through the treetops on a jungle canopy tour. The schedule is arranged so that students can go on excursions with no conflict with classes, or, in your time off, you can opt to simply stay at the spa to lounge pool side, get a massage at the spa, or just relax.

Your classes are held in the yoga halls which are set up on cliffs, with spectacular views. With meals, lodging and transportation taken care of an not a concern, education here can be focused and distraction free. Understand also that your instructors will be staying at the spa with you, so they will be available to address your questions and concerns the entire week. You will be dining and perhaps even “flying” through the jungle with them.

veggie foodSpeaking of dining, the meals at Pura Vida are what our students have raved about the most. The mostly vegetarian meals are delicious, incredibly healthy, beautifully prepared and of course, you can eat all that you want. Your fare, starting at only $1495, includes your meals, accommodations, airport transfers and ALL CLASSES! Guests (non-students) pay a lower fare. You just have to get to the San Jose Airport (Airport Code SJO) and Pura Vida and the LMT Success Group will take care of the rest!

Only 30 very fortunate individuals are accepted into each program. To register, call the LMT Success Group at #800-201-2247. See you in paradise!


Pura Vida is a euphoric experience that every healer should try to
experience at least once in their life.
-Margaret Halle, LMT – Attended Fall 2013

This has been the most life-changing event in massage training that I have ever had.
-Corinne Nielson, LMT  – Attended Fall 2013

This program is a massage therapist’s dream. So glad I went for it!
-Kelly Ezell, LMT – Attended Fall 2008

Watsu Pool overlooking mountains