Facebook Fact … Are your Posts Reaching Your Fans and Followers?

You have learned the technical skills and honed your palpitation skills and you have even been told (repeatedly) that you are a pretty darn good therapist. Whether you own a spa or work for yourself, you have come to the realization that you must market your services! So, among other avenues of marketing, you have set up a Facebook page. You have chosen some top names in the industry to follow. You have a following of your own or you are actively trying to grow one. You put a fair amount of effort into some clever posts that you share, but you would like to increase your level of engagement. So, the first thing to consider is whether your posts are actually reaching your fans and followers?

Yes, that is correct. Even though someone has liked you, Facebook wants to make sure that they really mean it, so it uses a rather complicated algorithm to determine if or when your posts show up on a reader’s feed.  One way to get around this is to pay Facebook to promote your posts. But who wants to pay money to do that? Another step you can take is to educate your friends and followers how to take the extra step to make sure that they receive your notifications and allow you to show up in their news feed.  And of course, you will want to do this with people you want to follow too.

Here is how

The “Like Button” actually has a drop down menu associated with it. After you have liked a page, you can hover over the like button to view the drop down selections. Check the boxes marked “Get Notifications”and “Show in News Feed” if you want to make sure that you are really following who you just liked. (Don’t worry, it is equally as easy to uncheck the boxes and even unlike the entity if you really want to.)  Oh, and if you are using Facebook as a business (that is where you get likes and followers as opposed to accepting friend requests) then all bets are off. Since you need to have a personal page to get a business page, try it from there.

How do you get your followers to do that?

Facebook NotificatinsEducate them and ask them to do that. You are their beloved massage therapist who takes care of them. They love you. They want to know what you have to say. They want to repeatedly be reminded of the benefits of massage so they can feel justified in scheduling their next appointment. Just ask them, what do you have to lose? (You are welcome to share this infographic – right click on the image to the right.)

Oh, so, by the way, would you mind going to this page and liking us and while you are there, make sure to select Get Notifications and Show in News Feed. It’s great practice, good karma and that way you can make sure to get more great tips.

Thanks, you are the greatest!