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What is Medical Massage?

More than a few massage therapists claim to perform medical massage. Medical massage does not refer to any specific technique and may, in fact, utilize various massage modalities. By definition, medical massage is massage therapy prescribed by a physician, performed following the directives of that physician.

Many massage therapists have discovered that a Medical Massage Practitioner Certification allows them the type of practice they have long dreamed about. Since all patients are referred by doctors, there are no marketing costs or responsibilities. Referrals from just one doctor can easily fill your practice. Massage therapists are free to concentrate on what they know best: getting people well.

Because many health insurance plans cover physician prescribed massage, your practice extends far beyond just the wealthy individuals that largely support a cash based practice. You can help many more people.

A medical massage practice can produce an income commensurate with what your services are worth. Because insurance plans allow for maximum reimbursement for your services, medical massage practitioners are compensated on par with other medical professionals, such as chiropractors and physical therapists.

Medical massage practitioners are not confined to working in doctor's offices, although opportunities abound in this area. Your Medical Massage Practitioner Certification will give you the knowledge and confidence to work together with physicians in your own independent practice.

A Medical Massage Practitioner Certification will enable you to have a lucrative career that you are proud of.


Watch the video to see that other students have to say about this series of classes:




How do I earn a Medical Massage Practititioner Certification?

The LMT Success Group is the world's largest provider of Medical Massage education. Our Medical Massage Practitioner Certification Program consists of 40-44 CE hours of post-graduate education. Over 7,500 massage therapists worldwide have earned their certification with us. Many have become the most successful and sought after massage therapists in their communities.

In order to earn your Medical Massage Practioner Certification, you must complete the following 6 continuing education courses:


This series includes all six classes necessary to earn your Medical Massage Practitioner Certification.

Professional Level Series
This series includes the following individual classes:
Master's Level Series
This series includes the following individual classes:
Insurance Billing Posture and Pain
Day of the Back Upper Extremity
Day of the Neck Lower Extremity


Each of the six individual classes may be taken independently or you make take a series of classes for discounted tuition. Classes can be taken in any order and at any location. All six classes must be completed in order to attain your Medical Massage Certification. This certification does not supercede the laws of your state. You must be licensed, certified or otherwise duly authorized to perform massage therapy in your state in order to practice as a medical massage practitioner.




Medical Massage Practitioner Certification

Medical Massage is defined as therapeutic massage performed under the directive of a physician. Coursework includes theory, assessment, protocols, treatments and how to get paid at a rate that a healt...

Professional Level Series

Our Professional Level of the Medical Massage Certification will provide includes an extensive amount of information to allow the massage professional to confidently and profitably work within the med...

Master's Level Series

The Master's Level Series is part of the Medical Massage Certification and includes Posture and Pain, Day of the Upper Extremity and Day of the Lower Extremity. After completing this series the studen...

Day of the Neck & Day of the Back Series

This two-day workshop is an essential hands-on component of our Professional Level Series and will allow the student to effectively assess and treat the majority of the medical massage client's pain c...

Upper Extremity and Lower Extremity Series

This interesting and fast paced workshop is intended specifically for the massage therapist to learn about tax deductions they can take. Minimizing your taxes is not just good business, it is good com...

Insurance Billing

Learn proven strategies and techniques for dealing with personal injury cases, worker's compensation, personal injury protection and private insurance. Learn how to to get paid quickly and in full. Pl...

Day of the Back

Since complaints of back pain are so common, this is one of our most popular classes in the Medical Massage Certification Program. You will learn how to effectively assess and treat lumbago, pelvic ti...

Day of the Neck

This very popular class is part of the Professional Level of the Medical Massage Certification Program. This class exclusively addresses issues relating to the neck including whiplash, torticollis, ce...

Posture and Pain

In this fast-paced class, you will learn about postural distortions from the serious (such as Scoliosis, Lordosis, Kyphosis) to the everyday distortions that cause subtle but lingering pain. You will ...

Upper Extremity

Learn treatment for upper extremity conditions including frozen shoulder, rotator cuff strain, tennis elbow and much more....

Lower Extremity

Learn how to correct postural misalignments of the lower extremity including shin splints, chondro-malacia, plantar fascitis and much more....

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