Holiday Gift Certificate Promotion

December can be a very lucrative time of the year for massage therapists. In fact selling gift certificates and massage packages during December may give your bottom line a great boost and cause a momentum for the next year, filling your office with repeat customers.

To sell more gift certificates to customers in December, your customers must be in your office to buy them! People get pulled in many directions around the holidays, but they are also under a lot of stress and really NEED your services. You must cause them to come to your office to see you. You may want to offer some great promotional pricing to get your clients in your office and on your table between the period from Thanksgiving to Christmas. Once they are there you can sell them gift certificates and packages of massage sessions. You may want to offer special pricing on the gift certificates that is ONLY available during this time period as an incentive to make the purchase.

Once they are in your office, make sure you are displaying your gift certificates! Take them out of the drawer and display them in your office. Trying to sell gift certificates out of your drawer is like a shoe store trying to sell shoes that are stored in boxes in the back room.

Make sure that you have a nice presentation. Box your certificates with gold elastic cord, then slide a candy cane in under the cord. Of course, you need to sell to the season, but it will be easy to replace the candy cane with a Dove chocolate rose to spur your Valentine’s sales. Be creative and fun with your designs.

If a client does not purchase a gift certificate at the time of their appointment, let them know that then can give you a call and provide you with a credit card number over the phone and that you will make arrangements for a gift certificate to be delivered. Of course, you will want to include your cost for delivery. You might just be a life saver for a last minute shopper!

Get the word out that you are offering a gift certificate for something that everyone wants! Call, mail, facebook, email, word of mouth, whatever works best for you and your clients is the best! Drive traffic into your practice with a great holiday gift certificate promotion.