Marketing Massage

Marketing Massage

This is the ultimate practice building seminar! Put into practice just a few of the hundreds of ideas presented here and you will soon be so busy you will be turning away clients. The seminar teaches not just the theories, but actual market tested techniques to get and keep massage therapy customers. You will learn the top ten ways to attract business (advertising is not one of them) and several low cost or no cost methods to get all the massage business that you will ever need. You will learn how to use "advance sales" to create a huge and immediate cash flow for your business, and how to subcontract your service to prevent "burn-out" and triple your income with no additional effort. You will also learn:

  • To expand your practice without burn-out - six great ways to earn money outside the massage room.
  • The most effective advertising. What works and what does not.
  • We sell 1000+ gift certificates a year, every year. The secrets to a soaring business.
  • The three keys to "relationship marketing." How to get your clients to return again and again,
  • and much, much more!

Is your practice maxed out? Then this seminar is also for you. By working smarter and not harder, we will teach you dozens of techniques to increase your income without adding more clients or even raising your fees!



Nationally approved for 6 hours


Please enroll early to ensure your place in class. Our class size limits are strictly enforced.

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You may enroll in courses online by selecting the date and location of the class(es) you wish to take and click on the "Enroll Now" button below to place item(s) in your shopping cart. All online payments are processed through a secured server. If you wish to enroll over the phone or if you have any additional questions, please contact us at #800-201-2247.



If you enroll in a class and for some reason you are unable to make it, don't worry, you are covered. If you cancel more than 30 days prior to the start of the class, you can get a refund of your tuition. If you cancel less than 30 days prior to the scheduled class, you will still receive a credit to take the same class at a later time. You can also take a different class at a different location. Please see our cancellation policy for more details. 



All of our classes have minimum and maximum enrollments that can be accepted. If a class is getting close to being full, we may close online enrollment. If a class is closed online, you may still call us at #800-201-2247 to see if there are any additional spaces or to go on a waiting list. If you want to go, let us know!  On rare occasions, we do not meet the minimum number of enrollees or an unexpected situation occurs and we need to cancel or reschedule a class. Please confirm that your class will be going forward prior to making any non-refundable travel arrangements. 


The best option would be to stay right at the hotel where the class is taught, so we try to set up room blocks for students at lower than listed prices. This is not always available however. When calling, ask the front desk about this. If they are not aware, try the sales office. NOTE: Before doing this, check out discount websites such as, or Sometimes there are nearby hotels, some even within walking distance, that offer better rates. 


  • $155.00

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