COVID-19 Notification - We are continuing to monitor the ongoing Coronavirus outbreak. In certain areas, we are offering in-person classes. Please follow this LINK to view safety measures we are taking. If you prefer not to attend an in-person seminar, please consider taking or transferring to a  WEBINAR. All webinars are approved by NCBTMB as live credit hours.




Want the convenience and ease of studying and learning from your own home or office?


Don't want the expense of traveling to a live class but still need continuing education credits?


Want to pick up some new skills while you are social distancing?


Don't want to wear a mask during a CE workshop? 


Ready to connect with a community of massage therapists from all across the US without leaving your home?


Have you been trying to catch a class for a while, but something always comes up?


We are not going to lie. COVID-19 has thrown our entire industry for a loop. You worked hard to build a career as a massage therapist and for good reason. Massage therapy has never been in higher demand. Your skills are needed and appreciated and your clients are willing to pay for high-quality services.

We have been very successful at adding a LIVE WEBINAR format option to our schedule of classes. These classes are hands-on classes taught in real-time by a live instructor who you can interact with along with teaching assistants and other students to get real-time answers to your massage-related questions, share lessons with a community of other therapists, without leaving the safety and comfort of your own home or office. 

More than ever, you NEED the skills to get clients out of pain. To help them to deregulate their stress responses. To feel safe to experience all of the benefits of touch. We need to be ready to hit the ground running when we get back to business. Make your time to learn!.





Can anyone take these classes?  We will do our best to accommodate you, however, there is limited space in our webinars. All webinars are intended to be continuing education for massage therapists. 


What if I am not very computer savvy?  Probably at this point, you or someone close to you, has had the chance to work with Zoom. The process is actually quite easy. We will provide you with instructions and support on how to navigate the online learning system. 


What do I need to attend a webinar?  You will need some type of computing device. That could include a personal computer, a laptop, a tablet, or your smartphone. You will also need a reliable internet connection. Ideally, you would have a massage table set up close to your computer or be able to move your device closer to your massage table. It is recommended that you have a person to work on. You do not need a Zoom account, but you will need to download the Zoom app. We will help you to do that prior to your webinar.


Will I be doing hands-on work?  We strongly recommend setting up a massage table and having a body to work on during your class. (Even in the age of social distancing, people will still volunteer to let you practice massage techniques on them.)  If you are unable to work on a body during the class, you will still be encouraged to participate.


What are the exact times that I will need to have a body to work on?  That will vary from class to class. Generally, the first hour or so will be a lecture. Then there is a demonstration followed by some Q&A and then there are practice sessions where students are walked through the protocol while they work on a partner. Some students like to work with a partner during the demonstration as well. It is ideal to have someone to work with on-call for most of the class. There are plenty of opportunities to practice hands-on techniques. 


What if I don't have a partner to work with? You will be learning hands-on techniques so it is to your benefit to have someone to practice on as much as possible. If you don't have access to a body to practice on, you can still view the demonstration and view the practice session. You can visualize yourself doing the work. You can work through the motions with your hands. Some techniques you will be able to practice on yourself. We do recommend that you practice the techniques that you learn as soon as you can.


I am required to attend live CE hours in order to renew my license. Classes that we offer in live webinar format are approved by NCBTMB as live contact hours. You will be taught in real-time by an instructor and you will have an opportunity to practice hands-on skills. Most states accept NCBTMB approved courses. There are some states that do not accept distance learning hours. If in doubt, please contact your state's Board of Massage. 


Will I be able to interact with an instructor? YES! In fact, we have moderators and teacher assistants in many of our webinars, so you may have an opportunity to interact with several different instructors. 


What about privacy issues?  We are taking the steps necessary to protect your privacy. Our classes are NOT open to the public and not run through social media channels. Every class will have its own code and students will be asked not to share their conference codes. Students entering classrooms must enter through a waiting room area and be approved to enter the class. Classes will be strictly monitored and in most circumstances, videotaping of conferences will not be permitted. (There may be certain instances when a portion of a webinar is recorded. All attendees will be notified if and when this occurs. All recorded data will be retained on private, secure servers.) 


What classes are offered via Webinar? Many of our classes have been approved as synchronous distance learning courses. We rotate through many of our class offerings to be able to provide the classes that you want to take. If there is a class you are interested in but don't see it currently on our schedule, please let us know!


The following is a listing of our current webinar schedule:


Intro to Massage Cupping June 4-5, 2022
Intro to Arthrossage July 16-17, 2022
Medical Massage Practitioner Program:  
August 26-28, 2022
September 16-18, 2022




What if I take the webinar and I find I really prefer live courses? Yes, we get it. We are massage therapists. We are hands-on folks too. But we still want to allow you to have the opportunity to learn some really important skills at a time when you are probably slow and give you some skills that will be really important when you return to work. One of the biggest benefits of taking a class by webinar is that you can review the class for free in an "in-person format" in any city where the class is being offered for a year after you take the class. (Review spaces are limited and available on a first-come, first-served basis. No additional CE credits are provided.)


What if I sign up for a webinar and can't make it? No worries. If you can't make it to a webinar, please give us as much advance notice as possible. You will receive a credit to take another webinar or a live class at a later time. You will have two years to use that credit.


If I have a course credit, can I use it for a webinar? Yes. The easiest way to transfer is to send a reply to an email that we have sent you or if you can't find it, send a new email to our office letting us know your full name, your best contact information, the class that you were enrolled in and the class that you would like to take instead. If there is a balance due, we will contact you. If you still have an additional credit, we will hold it for you. It may take up to three business days for us to process this transaction and respond via email. You may also call our office at #954-596-1170 for assistance.


We are doing our best to set you up to win! 


See what other students have to say about our webinar-based classes:




Learn More About How Webinars Work, What to Expect and How to Prepare in Advance:





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Intro to Arthrossage

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  The Medical Massage Practitioner Program is specifically designed to allow the professional massage therapist to confidently and profitably work within the medical community, enjoying an exceptional income, low marketing costs and a massage practice with tremendous satisfaction. The Profes..