EZ Kinesiology-Taping Supplies

EZ Kinesiology-Taping Supplies

Kinesiology-Taping Supplies


This confirms that you have enrolled in a Kinesiology-Taping class. As you are aware, there is a $10 surcharge for class materials. In order to ensure that we have an adequate amount of supplies for everyone, you must let us know ahead of the time of class and pre-pay for supplies. Alternatively students may bring their own supplies including a roll of tape, preferrably Kinesio Tex Tape and scissors. 

In the boxes below, please indicate whether you wish for us to secure supplies for you or whether your would prefer to bring your own. In the "Comments" section, please let us know which location you have enrolled for this class in.

Thanks for your cooperation. Enjoy your class!


Kinesiology Taping - Bringing Own Supplies

I agree to be responsible to bring my own supplies to this class including a roll of kinesio tape and scissors. I am aware that no supplies will be ordered for me. 

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